Put The Phone Down

My stepkids have a very sarcastic type of humor. My husband and I are the same way, (although I can’t express it because it becomes too aggressive and that leads to other arguments and issues for another post…) so we can appreciate some quick and smart comedy relief from time to time. My stepson, who … More Put The Phone Down

Send Me

This is not a post to say that stepmoms are superheroes, or that we have a special ability that no “regular” mom has… but it is a post to talk about how it takes a special person to be a stepmother. I truly believe that not everyone can “naturally” be a good step-parent… actually I … More Send Me

God of Miracles

I have been absent….I haven’t been here in a while. Not only in this particular website, but also in my life. See, a couple of months ago my husband and I started the process of trying to conceive. Due to his vasectomy we had no other option than to do it through in vitro fertilization. … More God of Miracles


Sometimes I remember things that I’ve said to my husband when we were dating and I really want to go back to those times and kick myself. I can’t really get mad at my old me because I really didn’t know better, but if someone now even dares to tell me the things I told … More Ask.

Not Your Place

“You are not the mother” Can you even count how many times you heard that phrase? So much revolves around a simple phrase like that. One of the consequences of it is that for most of us….. there isn’t a place of power that we can rely on when it comes to making any decision … More Not Your Place


All throughout my life I’ve had many good relationships and some bad ones. As an extrovert, I always found a way of being friendly to people and have unconditional acceptance for anyone. I would become friends with whoever was around me and my motto was to give everyone a fair chance, even if they had a specific … More TOXIC 101